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You Gave Me a Portal. Now What?


When you are looking at homes on the TeamHeidi website you get lots of great images and graphics along with information about the homes you’re seeing. And when we e-mail you listings, they the match the criteria you’ve listed as being important to you in your home search.

One of the benefits of TeamHeidi is that if’ we’ve started a conversation with you and you’re serious about buying a new home, we’ll send you listings from our Multiple Listing Service (MLS) so we can really fine tune the process and you can dig deeper into the homes you like. So when we say that we’re “setting you up on a portal” we’re not sending you out to Hogwarts from Platform 9 3/4, we’re giving you access to MLS so you can go online yourself and see all of the 5000+ properties that are on the market.

Your portal is live, so you can check it throughout the day to find out the status of a given home–and in today’s fast-moving market, homes go under contract quickly and MLS reflects those changes in pretty much real time. On the flip side, homes come on to the market throughout the day, so when the right house comes along you won’t have to wait for us to tell you it’s there.

S0 go ahead and open the portal, find a home, and give us a call!





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