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Super Bowl and Realtors

Super Bowl 51 is this Sunday, the 5th. Sports reporters have been having a field day comparing the pros and cons of the veteran New England Patriots and the lightning fast Atlanta Falcons. With six Super Bowl appearances and four wins in the recent past, it might appear that Tom Brady’s command of the offense and his thread-the-needle passing accuracy renders the Patriots unbeatable. On the other hand, Matt Ryan’s #1 ranking in offense, Brady’s #2, may just put the Falcons on top.

But, Super Bowl games are not won or lost by quarterbacks alone. It takes a team of tremendous talent and focus, quickness and discipline, collective effort and over the top motivation to get the job done…along with a little luck and timing. Who knows which team will become Super Bowl champs this Sunday…that’s why the game’s being played, right…but between now and then, consider what football games and real estate transactions have in common.

Houses are not bought and sold by buyers and sellers alone no matter how much research or resources or experience or motivation one or the other might have. Real estate clients, just like top performing athletes, need agents, or coaches if you will, to galvanize their assets, to maximize and advocate their position advantageously as a buyer or seller and to dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s to get the deal done in a timely fashion without any legal problems.

A home buyer or seller might think he or she can sell or buy a house on their own but data show that homes without agents languish on the market for months on end and, if/when they do sell, the transaction more often than not winds up in litigation.

Would Tom Brady or Matt Ryan be playing in Super Bowl 51 if they didn’t have a coach? Then why would anyone consider buying or selling a home if they didn’t have an agent? A really good agent who knows the lay of the land, the rules, the market…an agent who has the experience, drive and skills to get the best house for the best price possible for her/his client.

Let TeamHeidi be your coach. 704-458-4636.

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