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Something Changed in That Dog Immediately

Ever see a dog tethered or chained in someone’s yard?  Ever see a dog out in the pouring rain without a doghouse or some kind of shelter from terrible weather?  Ever think about getting that dog off that chain or building that dog a doghouse?  Sure you did…lots of us do…we think about it.

The difference between us and Holly Davis is that Holly Davis did something about it.  She drove straight over to Animal Control Services to report three chained and two unsheltered dogs on one drive home from work soon after relocating to North Carolina from California.  Animal Control told her that it was legal for owners to do what they were doing. Then she drove back to one chained dog’s house and asked the owners if it would be okay with them if she built a fence on their yard for their dog at no cost to them.   And she did…once she learned how to build a fence and a doghouse.  Simultaneously, Davis also learned how to change the law that made it legal for dog owners to chain their dogs and leave them outside without any shelter.

After building several fences and doghouses, Davis realized she needed some financial help and volunteers to lend a hand in building all the fences and doghouses that chained and unsheltered dogs needed.  So, in 2015, Davis created Holly’z Hope, a 501©3 dedicated to getting dogs off chains and getting dogs houses.

I learned about Holly’z Hope in 2016.  My real estate team and I, TeamHeidi, financed the cost of fence supplies and materials and built it one Saturday morning.  The best thing, the immediate payback for building that fence was seeing that dog run and play free inside that fence as soon as we finished it. Something changed in that dog immediately!

The payoff for Davis, the founder of Holly’z Hope, is seeing the dog and the whole family change.  “We go in to unchain a dog with the focus being to elevate that dog into a better existence, not a perfect existence, but a better existence.  And what happens, it changes the owners and the children belonging to that dog.  They all behave differently.  When the dog is able to run and play free, it seems that they now take the dog to the vet, get the dog meds, take the dog with them in the car.  It seems that everyone becomes unchained…it seems that everyone has a sense of pride in the dog, in themselves.”

If you want to make it possible to unchain a dog or build a house for a dog or even spay/neuter a dog to help control overpopulation, follow TeamHeidi’s lead and get on board with Holly’z Hope.  Go to www.holly’  Funds, people of all ages, supply trailers, materials, etc. are more than welcome.

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  • Ellen
    Written on

    This is terrific!!! Thank you so much, Holly and Heidi and friends. What beautiful kindness you show!

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