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She Sheds

First there was the “man cave”, then tiny houses…..wait for it….now there are “She Sheds”!!!

Turn your shed quarters space into your She Shed space. “Shed quarters” space is basically a small, unused structure on your property that’s separate from and outside the home. This idea is a spinoff term of the “tiny house” movement – small square footage allotments with maximum functionality – that began a couple of years ago.

Turning your existing shed quarters space, or building one yourself if you don’t already have one, into your very own She Shed might open up lots of possibilities for you. Your She Shed could be used as a hybrid space for a home-based business, a private meeting place for your family, friends and or colleagues, a studio space for art and/or music, a quiet, all yours space to write that novel you’ve been creating in your mind, a home gym, a children’s playroom or clubhouse.

A She Shed could be “a place of your own,” a place for you to do whatever it is you need or would like to do without any interruptions, a place that’s yours alone until you invite others to come into your space.

Whether you’re looking for a She Shed, Man Cave, big house, tiny house, we at TeamHeidi can help you with all of your housing needs.

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