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How To Give Alot of Happiness

This weekend my team and I helped give some furry friends a new home and hopefully a better quality of life.  We sponsored a “fence build” with an organization called Hollyz Hope. Holly Davis is the founder and together with her volunteers they help families with dogs. Holly says it not only changes the pups lives, but hers too! (That gives me goose bumps).

Prior to building the fence, the owners have to agree to let Hollyz Hope have their pet spayed or neutered. By the way, these people don’t come looking for her asking for something, she drives around looking for dogs that are tied up. She approaches the owners.

I arrived at the site of the fence build yesterday morning to find at least 25 volunteers busy building the fence. The volunteers were buzzing and each seemed to have their favorite tasks and were happy to teach us. The whole process took about 3-4 hours. I learned a lot. I learned its hard work and takes team work, which my team and I are accustomed too!

The end result was more than rewarding. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house when they took Lady and Pearl off of their chains and let them run free in the fence. They were playing with each other, the way dogs do. Their tails where wagging as fast a propellers!! It was an incredible feeling to give happiness.

What a rewarding experience! If you want to volunteer or sponsor a fence build contact

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  • Mike Brunt
    Written on

    As one of Holly’s earliest converts and a now a regular volunteer at these fence builds, I wanted to thank you for sponsoring the latest build and hope you can join us again for future events.


    Mike Brunt

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