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Are You Impeding The Sale of Your Own Home??

There are a number of things that a good listing agent will do to get your home sold.  However, it takes teamwork and cooperation between the agent and seller to get a home sold. Meaning, the seller must be willing to prepare their home for the market as directed by the agent and also let the home be shown to prospective buyers, at the buyers’ convenience.

There can be several challenges to selling a home but challenges that are easily removed should be…such as showing your home.

One of the biggest complaints from sellers at times is that they aren’t having any showings…but when agents are scheduling showings and sellers cancel or want to reschedule them it’s quite frustrating for the agents and buyers alike. We work so hard to get the showings and then it’s almost like the seller is sabotaging the opportunity.

When buyer agents are showing homes, they set up a tour and schedule homes with showing windows, such as 1-2PM. They do this because they are showing several homes and cannot give an exact time to be at one particular home. When a homeowner consistently wants to reschedule the showing it creates a negative image of that seller to the agent and their buyer that they are hard to deal with, in other words, not able to compromise, just wanting what works best for them and no regards for anyone else. Some agents will not attempt to reschedule showing a home if a seller doesn’t accommodate them.

I think a good analogy would be that if you needed a gallon of milk at 11Pm and Harris Teeter was not open, you would probably go to another grocery store to get milk, chances are you would not wait for Harris Teeter to reopen the next day. Get it? Ready, willing and able buyers won’t wait for a seller who can’t show their home, they’ll buy what they can see.

If you want to be included in the statistics of homes that sell quickly, accommodate the showing requests. If you do, your home will go under contract and you won’t have to worry about anymore showings.

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